Fame at last!… Just one below the dog faced boy …

So… him indoors is dead jealous. He’s just discovered I’ve got my very own wikipedia page .

I’ve resisted the temptation to edit me – even though Wikipedia has mysteriously missed out achievements such as my 10m front crawl certificate, and the fact that I evidently don’t look any older than 21, but it’s nice to be noted. As the original writer noted (you can see the originator of an entry in the “history” tab) – “she has non-trivial reviews of her works”. As opposed to trivial reviews?

It all reminds me of a plan I once had to set up an alternative “Who’s Who” – for the unrecognised. It was to be called “Who?”

Wikipedia is equally capable of bringing you back down to earth. If you look me up simply under my first name, I’m the sixth most famous Jojo. That’ll be me under – among others – “Jojo the Monkey” from the videogame Monkey Island 2, and, best of all, a sideshow performer of the 1800s – Jojo The Dog Faced Boy.

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