Lost in Translation

Okay… I was drawn in by the fact that Bertelsmann, my German publishers, had given Silver Bay a new title (“The Sky Is So Close”). So I HAD to see their plot synopsis, right? Except the translated version (courtesy Google) is never, quite, what one expects…. (although it does raise the interesting question of what jobs I could do tomorrow that “from the wrist shake…”)

“Mike Dormer, a karrieresüchtiger businessman, flying from London to Silver Bay, a small village on the sea in Australia. There, he will rebuild the millions of Silver Bay hotel management. A routine task it from the wrist shakes, thinks Mike. And perhaps there is still a little time with his girlfriend Vanessa luxusverwöhnten the beach to enjoy life.

But Mike has the bill without the hotel hostesses made Bootsführerin Liza McCullen, their ten-year-daughter Hannah and aunt Kathleen behave not exactly cooperative. The crew of Mike Walbeobachtungsbootes is hostile. The whole city signaled him that he is not welcome. And soon it comes to the collision of two worlds: the arrogant, and the London manager of the self and with nature, in accordance women living of the hotel.

Mike’s beautiful business world gets more and more into the mountains, and finally, it all his previous life in question – particularly as he and Liza, the first violent war, become ever closer… A wonderful read about romantic entanglements in a small Australian fishing village.”

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