Tune up your wireless! 3.30pm on Radio 4…

… is my first broadcast piece of writing. It’s almost impossible to say how excited I am to have a short story going out on Radio 4, but if I add that Doon Mackichan of Smack The Pony is the narrator, you will know that my cups runneth over.

All my published books have been made into audio by the wonderful WF Howes and it never fails to surprise me how alien – and how much better – one’s own words can sound when spoken by a professional. I’ve heard an advance CD of Doon Mackichan’s reading, and the words could have been written for her slightly weary, faintly acerbic, but very human tones.

Ooh…It’s given me a taste – I can see suddenly why every other waitress and valet in LA is a would-be screenwriter….

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