Things that make me go hmmm

Okay. So this has very little about publishing, but quite a lot to do with my current state of barely suppressed perma-rage. Very happy to hear any other suggestions, but these are the ones that currently make me throw my alarm clock radio at the wall.

Jordan and her ilk being shortlisted for book awards, when they haven’t read the book that bears their name, let alone written it. (See also prize organisers hiring celebrity judges who have never even expressed an interest in books.)

Banks, who demand minimum regulation – but go running to the Government for bailing out when markets go wrong. And their directors, who somehow insulate themselves against the credit crunch with continuing bumper packages.

Our Government quietly removing our democratic right to object to major planning proposals (new runway at Stansted airport, anyone?) while dressing it up as an easier way of putting up your conservatory.

MPs expenses. Why am I subsidising mortgage-free MPs mortgage expenses? And why am I paying £4000 for John Prescott’s annual food bill? Who the hell can eat £4000 worth of food?

Circle of Shame in Heat magazine, and all its spin-offs. You know what? This is why girls are neurotic about their appearance… (see also the Daily Mail’s “ooh, look how fat/thin she is” paparazzi shots

Eco Towns. Our proposed “eco-town” in Elsenham is planned on several hundred acres of green field.

Okay. I think I need to lie down now…

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