I've been blog-tagged…

… by DJ Paterson. Feels like being back in the schoolyard, except that instead of swapping warm cartons of milk and Superheroes stickers, I’m apparently meant to past six random things about myself. So, in no particular order:

1. I can read braille (I used to work in the visually impaired section of a bank)

2. I once got placed under house arrest in China. This was not a whole heap of fun.

3. I bought myself a horse at the age of 14. The fact that I lived in Hackney did not seem like an obstacle at the time.

4. I was once serenaded by David Soul during the 1997 General Election campaign.

5. My favourite song is Rufus Wainwright’s The Art Teacher.

6. I used to go to school with Dido.

Okay… now I need to pass this on (may have to do the links tomorrow):

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Lisa Jewell
Glenda Cooper

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