Gone fishing. Or something.

I call this picture: superannuated Page Three Girl. "Sally used to model lingerie in 1911, you know. She now advertises Stannah Stair Lifts and is married to a pilot called Graham."

Hello! Just wanted to apologise for the brief hiatus – I have been dragging the offspring around various bits of Europe. Blog to follow. But I just wanted to do a brief and slightly un-modest English air punch at the news that Barnes and Noble have made Last Letter one of their two top Long List entries. –  And I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Barnes and Noble readers. Thank you too to all the lovely readers who have contacted me while I’ve been away – I’ll get back to you all individually asap, I promise.
In the meantime, here’s me outside Barcelona’s Picasso Museum, as Picasso might have seen me. Or as Picasso’s fridge magnet might have seen me.

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