Sit down and put your feet up. You know you want to….

frazzles, crisps

This image will make perfect sense once you listen. There. Now you have to listen.


… and listen to this. The BBC commissioned me a while back to write a short story for radio about Twitter. I said yes – (I am a freelance; I say yes to almost anything as long as it doesn’t involve pain or pasties) – and then discovered that writing about 140 character dollops of conversation is actually far harder than you might think.

Anyway. I got there in the end; the lovely Claire White read it, and the even lovelier producer Kirsteen Cameron produced it. The title, Between The Tweets, was thought up by one of my twitter followers (she won one of my books! Hurrah!).

Like a smart alec, I assured my friends on Twitter that should they want to sit down and listen with a cup of tea it would be “better than a biscuit”. Cue infinte discussion on which particular biscuit (twitter is like that). Anyway – we came to the conclusion that it is better than a digestive, possibly better than a Custard Creme and on a good day, just as good as a Wagon Wheel. Not bad, eh? I bet Martin Amis would be happy to reach such a literary benchmark.

Click on the link below: it’s up on BBC’s iplayer for another seven days. Joanne Harris’s Twitter short story is on Thursday.

Oh. And I am doing something VERY EXCITING on Thursday. I can’t tell you about it until afterwards though because I am a superstitious soul and if I tell you it will obviously all fall apart. 



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