Am I mentor be your mentor? (sorry)

Marieclaire competition Jojo Moyes

I know this isn't the right Marie-Claire. But I just love Vanessa Paradis.


Are you an aspiring writer? Enter Marie-Claire magazine’s Inspire and Mentor competition and you may end up with me as your personal tutor. This will involve lots of chatting, some help and advice, and probably some talk about biscuits, as well as literary stuff. Anyway, give it a go. I can think of lots of writers who I would LOVE to talk to (and a few who would probably leave me mouthing dumbly like an awestruck ¬†goldfish). Cath Bore, who won the competition last year, said it changed her life.

Here’s where you need to enter your details. And hopefully I’ll chatting to one of you soon…(be warned. I’m terribly stern).


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