Autumnal apologies…

Argh. I’m wincing with shame at the realisation that it’s a month since The Girl You Left Behind hit the shelves. A whole month in which I’ve singularly failed to […] Read More

New York, New York…

  So last week saw a break in my usual novelist’s routine of onesie, animal husbandry, school runs and plot-related despair. I went to New York. I’ll just say that […] Read More

The Mystery Of Marian Keyes

I’m amazed how long Marian Keyes’s books have been lumped into that derogatory catch-all “chicklit”. I can only assume most of the commentators who do so haven’t actually read her. […] Read More

Am I mentor be your mentor? (sorry)

  Are you an aspiring writer? Enter Marie-Claire magazine’s Inspire and Mentor competition and you may end up with me as your personal tutor. This will involve lots of chatting, […] Read More

A few messages from readers…

So there have been a few unexpectedly good things that have come about as a result of Me Before You, and one of them has been the messages from readers. […] Read More

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