It's the last day….

of Me Before You’s moment in the sun (at least as far as the Richard and Judy Book Club is concerned). So I thought I’d put up my interview with […] Read More

Your word for the day: A Murmuration

I saw this yesterday and have watched it several times since. (You may have done too; it’s all over the interwebs) It is one of those rare bits of film […] Read More

Top Girls

I’m not a huge theatregoer. I struggle to dispel the suspicion that a lot of it is more fun for those taking part than those paying to watch. I loved […] Read More

Meeting your heroes (part 2)

It’s dangerous meeting your heroes, especially literary ones. At a party, I once spied one of my favourite writers; someone whose writing had inspired me to do it myself, whose […] Read More

My Jolly Sooper Day

Too flat out to write the account I want tonight, but I just wanted to post this lovely picture by Daily Telegraph photographer Andrew Crowley, who took the shots for […] Read More

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