Daring to Bare

  What would you tell a stranger about yourself? Would you reveal a secret obsessive compulsive disorder, or a long-held resentment against a member of your family? Could you tell […] Read More

Appropriate Adult

  When I heard that a drama was being made from the story of Fred West, probably one of the most grotesque murderers of recent history, I felt the kind […] Read More

Gone fishing. Or something.

Hello! Just wanted to apologise for the brief hiatus – I have been dragging the offspring around various bits of Europe. Blog to follow. But I just wanted to do […] Read More

We'll Always Have Paris. Part One.

  So, several weeks ago lovely T who lives in Paris said, rashly: “I’ll be in the South of France for the summer. So my apartment will be empty, if […] Read More

The Little Voice Inside Your Head

So, four days ago I took the decision to cut 70,000 words out of my finished book, and rewrite them. Yup, I’ll say that again. Seventy thousand words. Or, to […] Read More

A Game of (Musical) Thrones

So, like half the Western World, I have been mildly obsessed by George R R Martin’s A Game Of Thrones, with its politicking, bloodthirsty battles and – ahem – fruitiness. […] Read More

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