A Game of (Musical) Thrones

So, like half the Western World, I have been mildly obsessed by George R R Martin’s A Game Of Thrones, with its politicking, bloodthirsty battles and – ahem – fruitiness. […] Read More

Grand openings

I’ve been mildly obsessed by this article all morning and after scrolling through the readers’ comments realised, to my shame, that I could remember the opening lines of – at […] Read More

Cover Me

If you want to hear hollow laughter, ask an author if they like their covers. There is almost no topic in publishing more contentious. If I only had a pound […] Read More

The Costas…

I have a couple of friends who have occasionally remarked on my (very vague) resemblance to Hermione Norris, she of Spooks and Cold Feet fame. Last night, at the Costa […] Read More

Dear John… or Jane

I’m fifty thousand words in to my new novel, which is titled: The Last Letter From Your Lover. As part of this book, I am including in the chapter headings […] Read More

I've been blog-tagged…

… by DJ Paterson. Feels like being back in the schoolyard, except that instead of swapping warm cartons of milk and Superheroes stickers, I’m apparently meant to past six random […] Read More

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