Things that make me go hmmm

Okay. So this has very little about publishing, but quite a lot to do with my current state of barely suppressed perma-rage. Very happy to hear any other suggestions, but […] Read More

On… judging a book by its cover…

Literary lunches can be strange events. You can turn up and find yourself eyed up by four people and a dog, eat a curly-edged sandwich or two, and sit plaintively, […] Read More

Lost in Translation

Okay… I was drawn in by the fact that Bertelsmann, my German publishers, had given Silver Bay a new title (“The Sky Is So Close”). So I HAD to see […] Read More

Chew on this, Colonel Sanders

It’s ten days now since we picked up six rescue hens from the Battery Hen Welfare Trust’s Essex wing. Our old girls were six years old, geriatric in poultry terms, […] Read More

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